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“ON STRIKE” / Exhibition / Bayram Candan / 31 Jan - 1 March / Galeri Apel

“ON STRIKE” / Exhibition / Bayram Candan / 31 Jan - 1 March / Galeri Apel 

“ON STRIKE” / Exhibition / Bayram Candan / 31 Jan - 1 March / Galeri Apel

Galeri Apel

Bayram Candan

“ON STRIKE”  This exhibition does not correspond to any serious, complicated artistic manifest. The paintings and sculptures do not attempt to make any significant contribution in terms of form and content to the spectators’ daily lives. The works in this exhibition resulted from a productive process that promotes entertaining rather than exhibiting. These pieces denote the adventure into a personal history of creating figurative images. At the same time, they contain particular concerns of a long time sculptor about specific differences between painting and sculpture. Leaving out of my studio the questions of artistic interpretation and categorization of my works, I searched for a relation between the “fragile, simple, delicate” figures of my past relics in my imagination and the “tough, solid, durable” characteristics of my recent metal works. The outcome of this quest can be regarded as an attempt to combine these two contrary realms.In an attentive effort, I tried to avoid being “professional” or “consistent”. Instead of chasing the common visual styles of coherence, I allowed myself to pursue the less known remains of my childhood.In this process, the images of my childhood arose with tiny canvases and sculptures, whereas some of the surface qualities expressed themselves through the uncontrollable antagonism among the mixtures of paint, metal grains, acid and lemon juice. These appearances spontaneously gained illustrative, graphical or stylized characteristics in time. I intended not to transform these characteristics into “painterlike” consistencies and visualizations. Occupying myself with “distortion” caused by metal rust and oxidation of bronze grains, I allowed the corrosion to spread out freely onto the surface with interfering repeatedly in the corrosion process. I also joined this process as the “mender” to turn these deformed and deteriorated things into works that can be exhibited. In this exhibition, I consider myself “the exhibition mender” rather than the artist.The incompatibility between my “spoiler” and “mender” attitudes caused me to prepare some playful traps to myself. At the end of this long, playful procedure, I decided to transport all of these amusing, primitive works to the exhibition area without selecting among them. The abandoned studio seemed to me like a factory where its workers went on strike.From the spectators’ perspectives, the analogy of strike may hint at or reveal a reality behind or beyond this exhibition; however, as for me, it simply implies my suddenly abandoned studio, and of course, a reflection of my own individual creative process. It looks like the works in this exhibition are on strike for a month simply because they feel like it.Lastly, I must mention those characters who contributed to the accomplishment of this exhibition. First of all, I would like to thank “ayşe” (the stickwoman character that I enjoy drawing since my childhood) for her inexhaustible modeling and 3500 other stickmen and stickwomen for their walk-on parts in my drawings and sculptures. Besides, I am grateful to the materials such as paint, rust, bronze, iron, stapler and canvas as they are the spokesmen of this strike.

BAYRAM CANDAN                                                                                                                         Istanbul 2008

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